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    University of Memphis
  Dec 17, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

American Studies Minor

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The American Studies minor engages students in an examination of the culture and society of the United States, with attention paid to the ways in which Americans express their basic values and give meaning to their institutions and everyday social practices. These values, institutions, and practices are a reflection, in part, of the different experiences of a people, according to their race, gender, class, and historical roots. This minor provides an opportunity to explore the commonalities and differences among Americans through an interdisciplinary course of study.


Required Core Courses (6 hours)

UNIV 35xx and/or UNIV 45xx

Elective Courses (12 hours)

Select one course from each of the following groups, plus two additional courses from these groups. No more than two courses from any single department will be accepted.

Additional Information

With the signed permission of the dean of the University College or the dean’s designate, the following are acceptable: (1) A course from Group 1 of Section B can be substituted for one of the courses in Section A. (2) Up to two courses may be substituted for those listed in Section B. In content and approach, these courses will have a distinct American Studies emphasis.

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