May 21, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Non-Profit Development and Administration, (B.P.S.)

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The goal of these guidelines is to help persons understand the role of nonprofit organizations in society and to prepare them to organize, develop, and administer nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations include educational, scientific, religious, and other charitable organizations, as well as private foundations, community-based organizations, professional and fraternal associations, and civic and social organizations. The guidelines are designed to serve persons who have worked, or who want to work, within the nonprofit sector as employees, or have served in the community as volunteers. Graduates may enter careers such as communications director, volunteer director, or program director for a nonprofit agency.

Objectives of the program include the study of (1) the historical and cultural context of nonprofit organizations, specifically their place within a market economy; (2) the characteristics of persons and communities served by nonprofit organizations; (3) legal, ethical, and policy issues which shape the governance, development, and operation of nonprofits; (4) relevant skills, including management of personnel, information, and finances, interpersonal communication, program evaluation, and marketing; and (5) special topics, including fundraising, philanthropy and volunteerism.

General Education (35-41 hours)

See Graduation from the University  for the University General Education Program requirements. Students who have completed one year of American History in high school are exempted from the six credit-hour History General Education Program requirement; otherwise, students will have to meet the History requirement.

Coordinated Study (60 hours)

Context Courses

Nonprofit Work Setting

Take one course:

  • ANTH 4253 - Anthropology of Religion
  • ARTH 4382 - Professional Practices in Museums
  • ARTH 4830 - Museums in Society
  • ESCI 3451 - Intro/Urban Planning
  • POLS 4221 - Urban Administration
  • SLS 3103 - Outdoor Recreation and Education for Urban America
  • SLS 3205 - Area and Facility Management
  • SLS 3905 - Leisure and Recreation for People with Disabilities
  • SOCI 3860 - Sociology of Religion

Skills for Administration & Community Development (21 Hours)

Take one course from each category:

Experiential Learning or Internship (6 Hours)

Any 6 hours from:

Thematic Studies (6 hours)

Senior Project (3 hours)


May be chosen to bring the total number of hours to 120 with a minimum of 42 upper-division hours.

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