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Liberal Studies, (Accelerated B.L.S./M.A.L.S.)

The Accelerated Bachelor of Liberal Studies to Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program provides an opportunity for high quality, academically engaged students to complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years as opposed to the traditional trajectory of six years. The proposed program does not alter the requirements for either degree, but allows students to count up to 12 credit hours of graduate level courses toward both degrees, thereby reducing the total time to complete the MALS degree. The three required graduate courses are listed below, taken in the senior year:

UNIV 7000 Foundations of Liberal Studies (3 hours): Analytical introduction to graduate liberal studies and its theoretical framework; readings concerning the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
UNIV 7100 Research in Interdisciplinary Studies (3 hours): Methods of inquiry and research appropriate to graduate interdisciplinary studies.
UNIV 7200 Liberal Studies Seminar (3 hours): Interdisciplinary examination of a major issue, historical period, or theme. Topic may vary.