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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Engineering Technology

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Engineering Technology is the profession in which knowledge of mathematics and natural science, gained by higher education, experience, and practice, is devoted primarily to the implementation and extension of existing technology for the benefit of humanity. Engineering Technology education focuses primarily on the applied aspects of science and that portion of the technological spectrum closest to product improvement, industrial practices, and engineering operation functions.

The educational objectives of the Engineering Technology program are to produce graduates who are prepared to:

  1. Attain gainful employment in a related technical field providing personal and professional growth;
  2. Pursue professional development such as additional formal education, certifications and workshops;
  3. Attain increasing levels of responsibility and leadership in their own chosen field;
  4. Apply a depth of knowledge and ability to manage, design, develop, analyze, and/or implement technical projects, demonstrating a quality of performance necessary to succeed in engineering technology careers.

Graduates are referred to as Engineering Technologists and work as members of the engineering team focusing primarily on the implementation of new technologies. Students will select two fields of study providing depth in subjects of interest to them. Technical electives will provide breadth of study that supports their general knowledge base. Within the core are courses that prepare students to manage people and projects as they grow in their career. Graduates of this program are employed in the areas of quality assurance, product/software support, applied design and development, manufacturing support. plant management, computerized process control, systems planning, process planning, supervision and technical sales.

ADMISSION:The student will be classified as pre-engineering technology or engineering technology based upon measures of preparedness for mathematics. A student may declare Pre-Engineering Technology with a Math ACT subscore greater than or equal to 18 or ALEKS math placement score greater than or equal to 30, or with a C- in MATH 1100. A student may declare Engineering Technology with a Math ACT subscore greater than or equal to 20 or ALEKS math placement score greater than or equal to 46, or with a C- in ENGR 1009 or COMBO MATH 1710.

Transfer students will be coded as Pre-Engineering Technology for a minimum of one semester following admission to the University of Memphis. They may declare the Engineering Technology major upon completion of the Admission requirements.

A student may not register for upper-division courses in TECH (formerly CETH, EETH, or METH) at or above the 3000 level without being declared as an Engineering Technology major. Exceptions to the Admission criteria are at the discretion of the Department Chair.

GRADUATION: To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, the student must satisfy University and College requirements, and obtain a 2.0 grade point average on all work completed, and obtain a minimum grade of “C” in all engineering technology and mathematics courses used to satisfy degree requirements. A grade of “C” or better is also required in ENGL 3603 .


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