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Department of Art and Design

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Art is a professional degree offering students the specialized training available in art schools, combined with the benefits of a broad liberal arts education.

Program objectives for the B.F.A. in Art are: (a) to develop a B.F.A. student who is capable of critical and analytical reasoning as a practicing art professional; (b) to provide students with a foundation for graduate or professional education; (c) to prepare students to join the community of artists at the local, national and international levels; (d) to acquire the knowledge to work comprehensively in the discipline or related discipline. The Department of Art and Design welcomes qualified individuals who aspire to become practicing artists and designers. Professional art and design education are available in four concentration options: (1) Art Education; (2) Studio Arts; (3) Graphic Design; (4) Photography.

The Department also welcomes students considering a minor in Art History, Graphic Design, Photography, Studio Art, or in Web Design. Please see the Minors section following the listing of concentration requirements for the B.F.A. in Art. 

Special requirements for the Art major are divided into five groups:

General Education

Foundation in Art

Art History

Concentration Area

electives to bring the total credit hours to 120 hours.

Advanced Placement Credit: Prior to registration, Advanced Placement portfolios should be reviewed in the Department of Art and Design for consistency with the performance standards required of enrolled students. An A.P. portfolio with a score of three (3), four (4), or five (5) points on the General Portfolio or on the Drawing Portfolio will be reviewed for the possible award of three credit hours. If a student submits separate portfolios from the junior and senior years, a maximum of six credit hours may be awarded. For a grade of three (3) points on the Drawing Portfolio or three (3), four (4), or five (5) points on the General Portfolio, three hours of unassigned studio elective credit may be awarded. For a grade of four (4) or five (5) points in the Drawing Portfolio, three hours of credit in Art 1311 (Beginning Drawing) will be considered. Unassigned A.P. credit may be used to satisfy a University credit.

Advising: Student advising in the Department of Art and Design is an essential support service that aids students in clarifying academic goals consistent with their interests, abilities, and resources. Academic advisors assist Art majors in the selection of appropriate courses and provide meaningful discussion regarding career goals, past academic experience, and future academic progress. Freshmen, transfer and returning students are encouraged to contact the Art Office (room 200, Art and Communication Building) to request an academic advisor. Assistance from an advisor does not relieve a student of the responsibility of studying the appropriate catalog (Catalog) and fulfilling all degree requirements.

Transfer students with more than 40 semester hours should see the CCFA College Advisor (room 232, CFA Building) before seeing an Art advisor.

Before taking courses from another institution intended to apply towards the University of Memphis graduation, the student must obtain permission from the CCFA Dean.

NOTES for Graphic Design Students: Transfer students seeking advanced standing in the Graphic Design concentration should submit a portfolio of work representing previously completed Graphic Design studio work. The review committee will determine if the portfolio work is equivalent to comparable courses at the University of Memphis. Placement in the concentration is dependent upon the review. Even if admitted to advanced standing, the student may be required to remedy previous course deficiencies.


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