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UofM 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
UofM 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anthropology, (MA)

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The Department of Anthropology offers a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology with the purpose of training students as competent practicing anthropologists to understand and address issues of social inequality using anthropological theory and methods.               

Focus areas include community development, cultural heritage and identity, museum studies, health and health equity, environmental anthropology, food justice, economic and social behavior, and humanitarianism. Each student will plan his or her program in consultation with his or her major advisor.

A concentration is also available in Medical Anthropology. The concentration in Medical Anthropology involves the application of theories and methods in medical anthropology to better understand and address health disparities, health risks, and healthcare systems.

Program objectives are that students will: (a) demonstrate advanced comprehension of the holistic conceptual, theoretical and methodological foundations of anthropology; (b) enhance and apply critical analysis and independent thought in relation to core constructs, theories, and methods in anthropological works; (c) conceptualize, design, and implement research on significant anthropological problems for building and strengthening community wellbeing and quality of life; (d) enhance written and oral communication of Anthropological themes and topics; and (e) implement professional training and career opportunities in Anthropology through participation in professional activities such as conference presentations, certification, workshops, and related activities. Students must comply with the general requirements of the Graduate School (see Admission Regulations , Academic Regulations , and Minimum Degree Requirements for Graduate Academic Programs ) as well as the program requirements of the degree being pursued.

MA Degree Program

Program Admission

Admission to both the Graduate School and the department is required. To meet departmental requirements for admission, students must submit a letter of intent, three letters of recommendation, and complete the GRE. All applicants are encouraged to submit a writing sample and those applying for a Graduate Assistantship are required to submit a writing sample. In addition to their undergraduate academic record, applicants will be considered on the basis of their GRE scores, recommendation letters, work experience and career plans as described in the letter of intent. Except in exceptional circumstances, students should have a 3.0 undergraduate record.

Admission to the program is not automatic upon meeting minimum departmental admission requirements. Students are selected from the pool of qualified applicants and the number selected depends on the availability of financial aid and adequate faculty supervision. Applications submitted by January 31 will receive greater consideration for funding. Applications received after May 1 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applications for the spring semester should be submitted by November 30. Summer school admission must be completed by May 1 for entrance into the Graduate School and the departmental program. Late submissions may, in exceptional circumstances, be considered on an individual basis, but will normally be deferred to the following semester.

Program Requirements

  1. A total of 30 semester hours course-work plus satisfactory performance in a practicum (ANTH 7985 —6 hours credit). One hour of ANTH 7985  will be devoted to professional development and practicum preparation modules in the first semester.
  2. Satisfactory completion of the core curriculum (12 hours).
    1. ANTH 7075 Methods In Anthropology  
    2. ANTH 7076 Anth Analysis/Writing  
    3. ANTH 7200 Roots of Anth Theory  
    4. ANTH 7255 Applying Anthropology  
  3. For students in the Medical Anthropology concentration, satisfactory completion of concentration-specific requirements (6 hours).
    1. ANTH 7511 - Critically-Applied Med Anth 
    2. ANTH 7521 - Biocultural Epidemiology 
  4. At least 70% of the program (i.e. 26 hours) must be taken at the 7000 level.
  5. Satisfactory performance on a comprehensive exam.
  6. The Master’s Degree in Anthropology is an interdisciplinary degree and students are encouraged to take up to 9 semester hours of their work outside of the Department of Anthropology, depending upon their area of interest and the nature of previous work experience.

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