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UofM 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
UofM 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art History - Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture Concentration, (B.A.)

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Art History Major (B.A.)

Program objectives for a B.A. in Art History are: (a) to understand the scope of art in human culture; (b) to acquire the ability to write about art clearly and meaningfully; (c) to acquire knowledge of diverse visual cultures; (d) to acquire the ability to read, write and understand the major terms and concepts of art history; (e) to conduct original research in the discipline.

University General Education Program (41 hours)

See Graduation from the University for the University General Education Program requirements. Six hours of Humanities are satisfied by taking ARTH 2010 - World Art I   and ARTH 2030 - Visual Studies/Indigenous Arts 

College and Degree (B.A.) Requirements (6-9 hours)

The College and Bachelor of Arts requirements  are in addition to the University General Education Program requirements that are listed above.

The Major (42 hours)

Completion of 36 hours in art history courses, including:


A minimum of 6 hours of studio art. These courses can be taken from the studio courses listed under Art-Studio Arts Concentration, (B.F.A.)

Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture

The study of Ancient Egyptian art is by its very nature interdisciplinary, combining elements of visual analysis and art historical methods with textual evidence and archaeological and epigraphic fieldwork. This concentration will introduce students, at the undergraduate level, to various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, focusing primarily on its art and its language and literature. The Egyptian objects currently in the collection of the Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, both on display and in storage, provide an invaluable asset to this program and will greatly enhance the students’ learning experience.

Within the Requirements for the Major in Art History

Within the requirements for the major in Art History, students in this concentration need to complete:

Plus two courses of

Two semesters of Middle Egyptian (arranged as ARTH 4197 ) must be taken during the student’s final year of study and do not meet the Foreign Language requirement for the B.A. Students in this concentration are encouraged to take either French or German to meet their Foreign Language requirement.

Plus two courses selected from

Plus an additional 9 hours ARTH 4000-level series

Electives (18-19 hours)

Students in this concentration need to take two courses outside of the Department of Art, including:

Typical 4-Year Art History Sequence

Freshman Year

Semester Totals 30 hrs

Sophomore Year

Semester Totals 33 hrs

Junior Year

  • ARTH elective (3)
  • Elective (3)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (3) *
  • Natural Science (4) *


  • ARTH elective (3)
  • ARTH elective (3)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (3) *
  • Natural Science (4) *

Semester Totals 26 hrs

Senior Year

  • ARTH Elective (3)
  • UD Elective (3)
  • UD Elective (3)
  • Studio Elective (3)
  • History (3)


Semester Totals 31 hrs

Total Hours: 120-121

Total Hours required for Graduation: 120

* Must satisfy University General Education Program Requirements.

*** If student chooses ARTH 2030  , then must also take an additional General Education Humanities/Fine Arts course instead of an elective. 

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