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Engineering Technology, (MS)

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MS Degree Program

Program Admissions

Admission requirements of the College.

Program Prerequisites

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in an appropriate area of Engineering or Engineering Technology. However, a bachelor’s degree in an analytical field with professional experience in a related area is also acceptable.

Candidates with deficiencies in their undergraduate work may be required to pass appropriate undergraduate courses with a C or better to supplement their body of knowledge. Basic competencies are reflected as prerequisites for courses, but may be waived with appropriate professional experience. All programs emphasize technical and analytical aspects that require strong command of math and science. Key competencies that are needed depend on the student’s academic goals and possible emphasis areas. Emphasis areas are not required, just used as a guideline. Examples include:

Computer Engineering Technology courses expect students to already have competency in modern programming as well as basic electronics. Deficiencies may require additional preparation and course work. Modern programming using Java can be taken as a graduate course, TECH 6262 , which can count toward the MS degree requirements. Basic electronics, however, may require preparation that includes completion of undergraduate course work that cannot be applied toward the MS semester hour requirement.

Similarly, if desiring an emphasis in Electronics Engineering Technology expects a  familiarity with fundamentals of electronics prior to enrollment in graduate classes.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology graduate courses expect a familiarity with industrial practices and operations. Course prerequisites are important, but may be fulfilled through experience or completion of appropriate 6000 level courses which may be applied to the MS semester hour requirement.

No more than 9 semester hours of 6000 level course work can be applied toward the MS degree semester-hour requirement.

Program Requirements

Non-thesis (Project) option:

A minimum of 33 semester hours. Students selecting the non-thesis option must complete TECH 7991 , Projects I, which is included in the 33 semester hour minimum. Projects require a proposal before permits can be issued. Proposals are to provide insight into the scope, depth, and extent of work and how the project relates to coursework that has been completed. Permits must be provided by a graduate faculty member for a section they agree to administer.

Thesis option:

A minimum of 30 semester hours plus a minimum of 6 semester hours of thesis. Students must complete TECH 7996 , Thesis, for six semester hours credit. NOTE: Students electing to write a thesis should familiarize themselves with the Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Guide before starting to write.

Each student must complete the following core courses:



A minimum of 21 semester hours must be completed from graduate level courses in the Department of Engineering Technology

Courses taken in other colleges/departments, including those that may be substituted for core courses, cannot apply toward this specified minimum.

Area of Emphasis

Students may elect to establish an area of emphasis, but this is optional. Courses in each of the three traditional emphasis areas include courses from more than one focal area. Suggested courses in each of the emphasis areas include but are not limited to:

Other Requirements

Cross-Disciplinary Academic Experience

Students are encouraged to develop a plan that includes courses outside the department for a more cross-functional academic experience. While prior permission is required, electives can be selected from other departments in Herff College of Engineering and the Fogelman College of Business and Economics or the Department of Computer Science. Acceptable courses depend upon student-selected emphasis area as well as relevance to the student’s academic and professional interest. Examples include the following courses by areas of emphasis:

Computer Engineering Technology:

Manufacturing Engineering Technology:


No more than 9 semester hours of 6000-level courses will count toward the degree. Students cannot receive credit towards graduation for a 6000 level course if they had completed the 4000 cognate of that same course. E.g.: You cannot use TECH 6381  Supervision if you have already completed TECH 4381.

Candidates for the degree must average a 3.0 in all Technology courses

Candidates for the degree must pass a comprehensive examination

  1. Comprehensive examinations may be taken by students in good standing during the term in which core and concentration course work are completed. Exams are not given for TECH 7991 , TECH 7992 , or TECH 7993 .
  2. The comprehensive written examination will be administered Monday of the tenth week of classes during the fall and spring semesters.
  3. A follow-up oral examination is optional with the examining committee.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships will not be awarded to students enrolled in TECH 7993 - Internship In Engr Tech , unless the combined hours of student work is fewer than 20 hours per week.

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