Sep 19, 2020  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Leadership, (B.P.S.)

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Organizational Leadership is designed to (1) promote understanding of the nature of organizations and the fundamentals of administrative leadership; (2) allow students to reflect upon national and international organizational contexts and upon significant social and cultural issues raised in those contexts; and (3) promote skills in formal and interpersonal communication, including sensitivity to personal issues having an impact upon the quality of accomplishment in the work place.

General Education (35-41 hours)

See Graduation from the University  for the University General Education Program requirements. Students who have completed one year of American History in high school are exempted from the six credit-hour History General Education Program requirement; otherwise, students will have to meet the History requirement.

Professional Core: Coordinated Study (33 hours)

A course taken in one group will not be counted in another group of the Professional Core.

Administration and Supervision (3 hours)

Take one course from this group:

Thematic Studies (6 hours)

Senior Project (3 hours)


May be chosen to bring the total number of hours to 120 with a minimum of 42 upper-division hours.

Experiential Learning Credit

Students may be granted credit for college-level knowledge related to their major area of study that they have gained from work experience, life experience, or non-college instruction. Students who would like an assessment of such learning must prepare a portfolio that describes and documents their learning experience. Portfolios are assessed by faculty who teach in the students’ field of study.

Assessment by Portfolio is reserved for knowledge and competencies that do not readily fit into the Credit by Examination procedures. For more information please visit the Experiential Learning website at

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