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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematical Sciences - Applied Statistics Concentration, (PhD)

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PhD Degree Program

Program objectives are: (1) development of knowledge to appreciate, reconstruct and create mathematical reasoning; (2) development of skills leading to high quality research in mathematics; and (3) development of oral and written mathematical proficiency.

Admission Requirements

  1. GRE scores are required and are an important factor for admission.
  2. Three letters of recommendation
  3. TOEFL scores are required for students whose native language is not English.
  4. An undergraduate degree in an appropriate discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent preparation

Program Requirements

72 Credit Hours of Graduate Credit

The doctoral degree program requires satisfactory completion of a minimum of 72 credit hours of graduate credit (a minimum of 36 hours for a student entering with an approved master’s degree). The 72 hours:

  1. may include a maximum of 12 hours of 6000 level coursework, but must include at least 18 hours of 8000 level course work;
  2. must include between 9 and 15 hours of dissertation (MATH 9000 );
  3. cannot include courses designed for the “Teaching of Mathematics” concentration, and
  4. must include the satisfactory completion of the requirements for one of the concentrations: Applied Statistics  or Mathematics 
Each student must:

  1. obtain a passing grade on a qualifying examination;
  2. obtain a passing grade on a comprehensive examination;
  3. complete an acceptable dissertation (Students should familiarize themselves with the Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Guide before starting to write.); and
  4. pass a final examination given by a committee composed of departmental and university representatives. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the graduate coordinator of the department.

Applied Statistics Concentration

Students must complete the following courses:

Two Courses From

In Addition

In addition, students are required to give at least two formal presentations through taking


Presentation of an acceptable dissertation proposal within six months after passing the comprehensive examination. Students should familiarize themselves with the Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Guide before starting to write.

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