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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Qualitative Studies in Education Graduate Certificate

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Graduate Certificate

Program Objectives:

  1. The certificate will provide students with an understanding of the epistemological and theoretical groundings associated with qualitative research.
  2. The certificate is intended to provide students with knowledge and experience in various qualitative methodologies and methods.
  3. The certificate will assist students in constructing their own qualitative research projects following from epistemology -> theory -> methodology -> method -> analysis/interpretation -> representations -> conclusions.
  4. The certificate will increase critical thinking skills in relation to general qualitative scholarship, including prevailing theories, ethical considerations, and emerging perspectives.
  5. The certificate will provide space for students to practice different methodologies, methods, and types of representation, including both traditional and creative analytic practices.
  6. The certificate program will prepare students to be effective reviewers and critical consumers of qualitative presentations, papers, and journals.
  7. The certificate program will provide students with opportunities to practice graduate level instruction so that they will enter the job market with concrete teaching experience.

Program Admissions

Students who are currently enrolled in a Doctoral program at the University of Memphis or other universities will be eligible for rolling admission application.

To apply to the Graduate Certificate Program in Qualitative Studies in Educational Research, students must fill out the University of Memphis online application. They must also submit the following documents to the qualitative certificate coordinator:

  1. a 2-3 page personal essay about their research interests, prior preparation and experience related to the objectives of the program, and their long-‐range career/professional plans
  2. a letter of recommendation from their major professor/committee member supporting the certificate’s requirements of a fully qualitative dissertation

Doctoral* students in good standing will be admitted to the Qualitative Studies in Educational Research Certificate Program on the recommendation of the student’s major professor/committee member and subject to a successful review of application materials by the qualitative methodologists in the Educational Research program in the School of Education, Health and Human Sciences. The qualitative methodologists, with consideration of all materials, will make final decisions regarding student acceptance to the program.

*Qualified Master’s students are eligible based on advisor’s recommendation.

Program Requirements

The certificate requires 12 semester hours of credit. All students must complete 9 hours of core courses and 3 hours of an elective. For students with substantial proof of scheduling issues, there is the option to make up credits through a 1-‐3 hour directed readings with the qualitative methodologists or approved qualitative faculty.

Example Electives (3 credits unless otherwise noted):

We recognize that there are many courses across campus that can enrich our elective selection. However, due to extensive possibilities we cannot list all current and future “potential” electives. Therefore, if a student feels that a course outside of EDPR is appropriate as an elective, we ask that the student fill out the petition for elective form to be reviewed and approved by the qualitative coordinator.

Graduate Requirements

In order to graduate with the certificate, students must:

  1. complete all Certificate Program course requirements with a B or above average
  2. complete a fully qualitative dissertation
  3. have a qualitative methodologist sit on their dissertation committee
  4. submit the Certificate in Qualitative Studies in Educational Research Completion Form online
  5. submit appropriate certificate completion form from the University of Memphis graduate school for program coordinator’s signature

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