Feb 18, 2019  
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Accounting - Data Analytics Concentration, (MS)

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Master of Science Degree

The 30-hour master’s program provides students with a corporate governance perspective that emphasizes accounting in a service-oriented economy. Three concentrations within the major are offered: accounting, accounting data analytics, and taxation.

The Master of Science degree requires:

  1. Prerequisites (courses indicated [C or better in each course] or their equivalents) of ACCT 2010, Financial Accounting; ACCT 3110, Intermediate Accounting I; ACCT 3120, Intermediate Accounting II; ACCT 4130, Intermediate Accounting III; ACCT 3310, Cost Accounting; ACCT 3510, Individual Taxation; ACCT 4020 Accounting Systems; ACCT 4240, Auditing; and SCMS 3711, Business Analytics.
  2. A minimum of 30 semester hours of approved graduate courses. The 30 graduate credits must include 21 hours in Accounting, with no more than 9 hours of 6000 level courses.

Selecting 3 of the following within the 6 electives constitutes a Data Analytics concentration:

For students without significant training in database systems, the first three of these electives are recommended.

[You can earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence & Analytics by choosing MIS 7605 , MIS 7190 , MIS 7620 , MIS 7621 , and MIS 7660 .]


ACCT courses numbered 70XX, e.g., ACCT 7050  and ACCT 7080 , are not acceptable choices. An internship does not count as credit toward the degree, but is reported on the transcript. There is a limitation of three 6000-level courses for credit toward the MS degree.

1 Not required if you took Intermediate Accounting as a two-course sequence.

2 The two CPA courses (ACCT 7626  and ACCT 7627 ) must be taken during the same spring semester. You must be within 200 days of completing 150 credit hours. There is an additional fee for Becker materials.

3 If you passed this course or its equivalent in an undergraduate program you must select a different accounting elective instead.

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