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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Commerce (Accelerated BS/MS)

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An Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s (ABM) Program is offered by the KWS with a BS, Sport & Leisure Management (SLM)/MS in Sport and Hospitality Management with a concentration in Sport Commerce (SPRT). The ABM degree program SLM/ SPRT provides qualified UM senior undergraduate students the opportunity to satisfy course requirements, including elective hours, for the bachelor’s degree in SLM that also may be subsequently applied on a prearranged basis to the master’s degree in SPRT that may satisfy some of its degree requirements.

For students who work closely with their advisors in planning their course of study in SLM, this option offers the opportunity of simultaneously satisfying partial degree requirements for a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in an accelerated program of study. Upon completion of the undergraduate degree with a satisfactory undergraduate grade point average and a grade of “B” or better in all graduate courses completed, the student may move to full graduate student status, and the preapproved graduate courses taken as an undergraduate may be applied toward the pre-specified graduate program of study.

Students may use up to nine credit hours of designated courses in meeting the requirements of both the SLM bachelor’s and SPRT master’s degrees. Courses considered for this purpose may include 4000/6000-level cognates and/or 7000-level courses. Undergraduate students will register for the 6000- or 7000-level courses, but fees will be levied at the undergraduate rate. Students applying for this program must:

Admission Requirements

  1. Have completed at least 18 hours of course work at UM before taking courses as part of the ABM program;
  2. Have a UM GPA of 3.25 or better
  3. Be within 30 semester hours of graduation
  4. Meet with and receive written approval of the KWS Director, the program coordinator(s) of both the respective undergraduate and graduate programs, and the KWS Academic Services Coordinator in order for specific graduate courses being acceptable for dual credit in the undergraduate and master’s degree programs;
  5. Meet all requirements for admission into the specified graduate program (except for receipt of the undergraduate degree); and
  6. Submit an application for admission to the ABM Degree Program, along with all necessary admissions documentation to the Graduate School by the deadline dates listed below.

A maximum total of nine semester hours of preapproved graduate coursework may be considered for dual credit in the undergraduate and graduate degree programs and a maximum total academic load of 15 hours during the semester in which any of the graduate courses are taken.

Final acceptance into the ABM program is contingent upon approval by the Dean of the Graduate School. Approvals apply only for the specific programs and courses designated in the application. Stipulated graduate courses for the ABM program are the only ones for which students in the undergraduate program are eligible to enroll, and completion of all allowable graduate courses is optional.   

For application materials, contact the KWS Academic Services Coordinator at 901-678-2962. Students may not apply online for this program. Submit application materials to the KWS no later than the following dates, after which school-approved applications will be submitted by the school to the Graduate School for consideration:

  • June 15 for fall term admission
  • October 15 for spring term admission
  • April 15 for summer term admission

Subsequent to admission into the ABM program and satisfactory completion of stipulated coursework approved for the designated programs of study, a maximum of 9 credit hours from the following graduate courses may be applied to the respective programs of study for both the undergraduate and graduate levels as follows:

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