Aug 15, 2022  
UofM 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
UofM 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism - Creative Mass Media Concentration, (B.A.)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, concentration in Creative Mass Media, trains students to be a well-rounded creative media professional. Creative mass media concentration graduates typically work as art directors, audio/video editors, content producers, creative directors, media designers, media photographers, social media managers, web designers and web strategists. Creative mass media concentration students take 51 hours of credit from Journalism and Strategic Media and 9 hours from the Department of Art focused on graphic design or photography.

Students are strongly encouraged to use elective hours to obtain a minor. Minors in Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media Marketing, or foreign language are recommended.

University General Education Program (41 hours)

See University General Education Program  for the University General Education Program requirements.

College and Degree (B.A.) Requirements (6-9 hours)

The College and Bachelor of Arts requirements  are in addition to the University General Education Program requirements that are listed above.

Journalism and Strategic Media Core (21 hours)

Internship or Practicum

Core Elective

Creative Mass Media Concentration (39 hours)

Concentration Core (18 hours):

Art (Select one focus) 9 hours:

  • Graphic Design Focus
  • Photography Focus

Typical 4-Year Creative Mass Media Sequence

Freshmen Year

Semester Totals 30 hrs

Sophomore Year

Semester Totals 31 hours

Junior Year


Semester Totals 31 hours

Senior Year

Semester Totals 30 hours

Total Hours: 120

Total Hours required for Graduation: 120

* Must satisy University General Education Program Requirement

**JRSM 1700   fulfills Social Science General Education Requirement

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