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UofM 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
UofM 2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

B.P.S. in Legal Studies/Juris Doctor (B.P.S./J.D.)

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This is a “3+3” program that allows eligible UM students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years, saving a full year of time and tuition. Students would start in the undergraduate Legal Studies Program, which emphasizes four correlated disciplines: (1) theory, process, application, and ethics of law; (2) research and investigation; (3) law-related technologies, and (4) professional decorum and communication skills. The standard Legal Studies degree requirements are compressed into three years and adjusted to ensure that students take specific courses to best prepare them for law school. Those with qualifying GPAs and LSAT scores may then apply to the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law early in their junior year. If accepted, students would enroll in first-year law school coursework during their senior year. Credits earned as a first-year law student would count towards the final 30 hours of undergraduate coursework. Students would graduate with a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree in Legal Studies and then continue with their final two years of law school.
Please Note: Enrolling in the BPS/JD Program as an undergraduate does not guarantee admission to the law school. Students who are not accepted to the law school or who do not successfully complete all their law school courses may still finish their undergraduate degree in the Legal Studies Program.

General Education (35-41 hours)

See University General Education Program for the University General Education Program requirements. Students who have completed one year of American History in high school are exempted from the six credit-hour History General Education Program requirement; otherwise, students will have to meet the History requirement.

Coordinated Study (54 hours; 24 at Law School)

Many upper-division (3000/4000-level) courses have prerequisites that must be met prior to being permitted to register for those courses. You are responsible for knowing and satisfying all course prerequisites. Some (not all) prerequisites are listed below. For specific information about courses and the prerequisites they may have, please view course descriptions at: Course Descriptions  

Many courses also require permits from the department that teaches the course. For example, SWRK and CJUS courses will always need permits from those respective departments. College of Professional & Liberal Studies staff cannot issue permits for courses taught in other departments. ALL 3000/4000 level classes taught by the College of Business (ACCT, ECON, FIR, MGMT, MKTG) require a permit; students must request a permit online at:

No more than 15 hours of the Legal Studies Professional Core may be satisfied through transfer credit.

Legal Studies Core

Law-Related Electives (12 hours)

LAW 115 - Property I

LAW 125 - Property II

LAW 112 - Torts I

LAW 122 - Torts II

Interdisciplinary Electives (12 hours*)

LAW 114 - Civil Procedure I

  *Three of the 12 interdisciplinary elective hours will be satisfied by first-year law school courses.

College of Professional & Liberal Studies Requirements (9 hours; 6 at Law School)

Thematic Studies

Thematic Studies Course (3)

LAW 121 - Contracts II (2)

LAW 124 - Civil Procedure II (2)

LAW 123 Legal Methods II (2)

General Electives (16-22 hours)

May be chosen to bring the total number of hours to 120 with a minimum of 42 upper-division hours.

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