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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, (B.A.)

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Program objectives for a B.A. in English are: (a) to develop skills in critical thinking, reading, and writing; (b) to have opportunities to consider the relationships among language, literature, culture, and writing; (c) to concentrate study of these interrelated areas in one of six endeavors, each with its own particular focus: African American literature, applied linguistics, creative writing, English as a second language, literature, and professional writing.

University General Education Program (41 Hours)

See Graduation from the University for the University General Education Program requirements. English majors take ENGL 1010 ENGL 1020 , and ENGL 2201  or ENGL 2202  to complete General Education Program Requirements and English Major requirements.

College and Degree (B.A.) Requirements (6-9 hours)

The College and Bachelor of Arts requirements  are in addition to the University General Education Program requirements.

The Major (33 hours)

ENGL 1010, 1020, and 2201 or 2202 or equivalents with a minimum grade of “C-” are prerequisites for all upper division (3000 and 4000-level) courses in the Department of English.

Note the Following:

  1. Students should see the English advisor who will explain the advantages of the various concentrations and assist students in developing an appropriate program of study.
  2. Courses taken to satisfy the core requirements may not be used to satisfy concentration requirements.
  3. No more than a total of six (6) hours in ENGL 3100-3119, ENGL 4101-4110-ENGL 4109 , and 3 hours in ENGL 4900  may be applied to the English major.
  4. Students who wish to satisfy the requirements for both the English major and the endorsement to teach English in high school should consult the College of Education for licensure requirements.
  5. ENGL 3500  and ENGL 3603  may not be used to satisfy any requirement for the English major.
  6. ENGL 4900  and ENGL 4996  may not be used to satisfy required hours in any concentration.

Electives (9 hours)

Nine hours of upper-division ENGL courses.

Honors College

Honors sections of the required English courses on the freshman and sophomore levels (ENGL 1010 , ENGL 1020 , ENGL 2201 , ENGL 2202 ) are offered through the University’s Honors College and are open to qualified students regardless of their major. On the junior and senior level, the Department of English offers an honors track open only to English majors, who are eligible to apply for admission to the program if they have an inclusive grade point average of at least 3.25 and a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 in all coursework counting toward the major. Honors students take special courses during their junior and senior years and write a senior honors thesis. Those students who complete the program and the regular college requirements will be recognized at the commencement ceremony by having their degree conferred “With Honors in English.” Moreover, the student’s diploma and the record at the University of Memphis will reflect this distinction. Details of the program are available at the Department of English office.

Typical 4-Year English Sequence

Freshman Year

Totals 30-31 hrs

Sophomore Year

Semester Totals 32 hrs

Junior Year

Semester Totals 30 hrs

Senior Year

  • UD ENGL elective (3)
  • ENGL concentration (3)
  • UD elective (3)
  • UD elective (3)
  • Elective (3)


  • UD ENGL elective (3)
  • ENGL concentration (3)
  • UD elective (3)
  • Elective (4)

Semester Totals 28 hrs

Total Hours: 120-121

Total Hours Required for Graduation: 120

*Must satisfy University General Education Program Requirement

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