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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, (B.A.)

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The B.A. program in Social Work is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for entrance into the profession of social work as beginning level generalist practitioners. Program objectives for a B.A. in Social Work are: a) apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice; (b) understand the value base of the profession and its ethical standards and principles, and practice accordingly; (c) practice without discrimination to needs of diverse clientele; (d) apply strategies of advocacy and social change that advance social and economic justice.


Progression to the major of “Social Work” will occur only after the student successfully completes the the following course with a minimum grade of “C”:

University General Education Program (41 hours)

See Graduation from the University  for the University General Education Program requirements.

Students majoring in Social Work must take SOCI 3422  to fulfill part of the University General Education History requirement, BIOL 1010 /BIOL 1011 , BIOL 1020 /BIOL 1021  for natural science, and ANTH 1200  for Social/Behavioral Sciences.

College and Degree (B.A.) Requirements (6-9 hours)

The College and Bachelor of Arts requirements  are in addition to the University General Education Program requirements.


Successful student progression requires each student to earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required courses for social work majors. Students repeating two required classroom courses for the major or field instruction will have an academic review by department faculty in the term following the second course repetition. Students should have a minimum of 30 hours completed before entering the introductory social work courses including:


Electives may be chosen to bring the total number of hours to 120.

Typical 4-Year Social Work Sequence

Total Hours: 120-121

Total Hours Required for Graduation: 120

*Must satisfy University General Education Program Requirement

For the General Education Social/Behavioral Science and Additional Social Science - Complete 2 of the following: SOCI 1010 , POLS 1030 , POLS 1030 , and ECON 2020 .

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