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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English - English as a Second Language Licensure Track, (B.A.)

This track prepares students for K-12 licensure as ESL teachers in the state of Tennessee. There is a growing need for well-prepared teachers to help language learners succeed in schools. This track allows you to combine the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills developed as an English major with an in-depth understanding of ESL methods for language teaching, learning, and assessment. Students on the ESL Licensure Track should consult the four-year plan with advisor for the sequence of courses and course offerings, provisional TEP admission, full TEP admission, residency requirements, and PRAXIS II exam requirements.

In addition to the concentration requirements found below, students must complete the requirements of the University General Education Program  (41 hrs), College and Degree Requirements    (6-9 hrs), and English, (B.A.) (33 hrs).

Students should see the English advisor, who will explain the advantages of the various concentrations and assist students in developing an appropriate program of study. Courses taken to satisfy the core requirements may not be used to satisfy concentration requirements.

Freshman Year


GE = General Education Requirements          BA = Bachelor of Arts college requirements       UD = Upper division

Foreign Language Requirement – See the Undergraduate Catalog: http://catalog.memphis.edu

+GE History recommendations: must have one of HIST 2010 HIST 2020  for licensure

+GE History recommendations: HIST 1110 HIST 1120   

++GE Social/Behavioral Science: must have ESCI 1301 ESCI 1401  for licensure

++GE Social/Behavioral Science: recommendations: POLS 1030  or PSYC 1030  

*GE Fine Arts recommendations: ART 1030 , MUS 1030 , or THEA 1030   

**GE Humanities recommendations: CLAS 2481 ; PHIL 1101 PHIL 1102  ; POLS 1101  POLS 1102   

***GE Natural Sciences with lab recommendations: BIOL 1010 /BIOL 1011  ; BIOL 1020 /BIOL 1021   


Degree hours = 120                                                           42 Upper Division hours required for graduation      

No more than 2 hours of physical education courses may be counted toward a degree.

Residence – 30 of the last 60 hours must be taken at University of Memphis; at least 60 hours must be at a four-year institution; transfer students must earn at least 6 hours of a major at UofM and at least 3 hours of a minor at UofM


Total Hours: 120-121

Total Hours Required for Graduation: 120